My city apartment dreams

After a late night conversation with a good friend of mine, with laughter flowing and wine glasses in hand, we got onto the topic of working after graduation and whereabout we think we will be in the world. I'd really like to live in London for a bit after graduating and so does Lizzie, so immediately we clinked glasses and began to gush about how we could live together, make eachother dinner and decorate our flat. All well and good until you take into account Londons extortionate housing market. 

Spirits not dampened, I began to lust over some gorgeous apartments on pinterest and came accross some absolute honeys. I'm imagining pot plants galore, woven colourful rugs and an assortment of prints framed in an eclectic manor. A large open space with a living area and kitchen, white walls to be docorated and old wooden floor, then a mezzanine overlooking the space where I'll create my zen den. I'd have music echoing through the space as I dance barefoot in a flowing dress, eating delicious veggie food before going out to rooftop parties and getting my groove on until the early hours of the morning or chilling out and going to a yoga class in a funky venue and visiting exhibitions with my gal pals. 

Sound good? It does to me. 

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Personality types: It all clicks.

Hey there amigos, 

I've taken a little holiday from writing on this blog in the past few months. I did this for a few reasons but I'm back and plan to move onwards and upwards with it to the groovy place it can be. 

In the past 6 months, I've done a whole lot of feeling. I've felt such a whirlwind of emotions, some incredible highs and also some very burdensome lows. I'm usually a happy ball of boogying smiles, an optimist and an enthusiast, so when I feel a bit down, it really bugs me. It's been so easy to feel quite lost within myself, as if I'd lost my mojo. It would reach a point where I felt like I was trying to climb the walls of my mind to escape whatever rut I was in. I didn't get it, one moment I'd be boogying in my room and smiling from ear to ear, and the next I'd be sinking to the floor with tears cascading down my puffy cheeks. It's a feeling I can't really describe but I finally feel like I'm emerging out the other side and feel more balanced every day. I always think to myself, all you can do is trust that the journey is exactly as it needs to be. I believe everything happens for a reason and even if that's not true, it's sure nice to believe that all the small acts that you do, every path you choose is part of a bigger picture. 

That's the thing with me, I think so much and I feel so much all at once. My mind is like a burning supernova that lights up and has bursts of enthusiasm, creativity and passion but also contradicting emotions. I guess it's all part of being a sensitive being, and I'd rather be completely emotionally available and in touch with my feelings than block them out completely. I think it's sometimes healthy to go through these little life questioning moments, it's not easy, it's actually pretty scary but it's all been a process of trusting in my heart and my feelings, embracing change and just flowing with the winding, unpredictable yet beautiful thing we call life.

I'm still growing, constantly learning new things about myself and forever striving for self-improvement. I have a long way to go but I'm happy with where I am at the moment. I recently completed a personality test which turned out to be freakishly accurate. It made me feel suddenly grounded and at peace. That it's okay to feel things at 100% all of the time, it's okay to be a little weird and it's okay to take some time out for myself when I need to recharge. I would often find it really interesting how people react to different situations and couldn't understand why some people lash out at others or seemed to have such a pessimistic outlook on life. This test just opened my eyes up to the fact that I am who I am. Obviously, everyone is unique, we all have things that make our eyes light up and our hearts beat a little faster, just like we have things that make us a little pissed and on edge but it's nice to know that you're not the only one in the world that thinks in the  way that you do. If you'd like to take the personality test, click here!

My personality type was ENFP-A 'The Campaigner'. 

'The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd. Few personality types are as creative and charismatic as ENFPs. Known for their idealism and enthusiasm, ENFPs are good at dealing with unexpected challenges and brightening the lives of those around them. ENFPs' imagination is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.'

I got really into it, and read the whole article, as well as doing some further research, all the while feeling an excitement in my heart like it was telling me 'yes Lex, this is it, this is you! You go girl.'  I found some images that were linked to my personality type and suddenly I knew why I could connect with them so much. 

- I think I've always been pretty good at 'letting shit go', I dont tend to hold grudges and tend to go with the 'ah well, it's not the end of the world' philospohy. 

 - This was at the top of the description for ENFP personality types and I can connect with it so much. Small talk is fine but when I get to know someone, I crave a deeper connection, I want to know what makes them tick, what makes their eyes light up, whether they're happy with where they are at in their lives and whether or not they are willing to change it. 

 - I always follow my gut and my heart. My brain sometimes tries to talk me out of some decisions but I think it's now given up due to my stubbornness in beleiving that everything happens for a reason. 

- I love getting to know people. I love it when you have a friendship which makes you smile even thinking about it. ENFP's are the least extroverted out of the group so although I like being social and with people, I really value solo time and genuinely enjoy my own company, solo boogying and building a little den of happiness in my room. 

- 'You're always haunted by the idea that you're wasting your life'. I feel so grateful to live the life I lead and be gifted with some of the opportunities and friendships that I have. I want to be able to lead a life that I'm truly happy with, I want to be able to enrich other people's lives and make them smile. I chose to follow a creative route as I knew that when I was creating I was in my happy place. I need to trust that I'm on the right path and to always be true to myself. I don;t want to go into a job just because of the money, I would a hundred times over rather do something I'm in love with for a little less money than do something I loathe for more. I think it's importatn to know the difference between living to work and working to live. 

- Apparently Anne Frank also had an ENFP personality, which is pretty interesting. I'm a happy person, an optimist, an enthusiast, a free spirit, a dreamer, a sensitive soul, independent to a fault, a sometimes overthinker, an occasional procrastinator, an attention span drifter and great boogier. I have a relatively clear idea of who I am, but I'm always searching for a deeper meaning in that, and that's okay, I'm still learning. 

So I guess the point of this is to just embrace who you are. These 'types' don't define you at all, but sometimes it's nice to know that what you're feeling is completely natural. That's not saying you should be mean to someone and blame it on your personality type, that's not okay. I think everyone should always strive to be the best version of themselves. Really, it's to make you embrace every emotion that's running through you and to maybe help you in working out why you're feeling it and if needs be, how to feel a little more groovy and a little less gloomy. 

If you want to read more about ENFP types, click here! Or to take the test, click here!
Let me know what you are, I'd love to know. 

Peace out,


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10 things #3

Hello ladies and gents,

How are we all? Dandy I hope. I've been feeling pretty ill recently and although it's so easy to get down and grumpy when ya body aint feeling prime, I always think it best to look to the little things in life to cheer you up and realise that things aren't so and after all! So without further a do, here are 10 things that I've been mc'loving recently. 

1. SPRING IS HERE! Can I get a hallelujah?! I love love love spring, waking up in the morning to actual rays of sunshine streaming through my blind, magical! 

2. Videos like THIS. Could watch it all day long, nice music + amazing animals = I lavs it. 

3. Asos Trend: Prairie: click here.  'Head to the Great Plains, where ditsy floral dresses and oh-so-pretty blouses meet snake-print and fierce lace-up detailing. Add tough-girl layers of denim and leather, then complete the look with fringing details'. I literally want everything in this selection. Must stop. Must think ethically. 

4. Passion Fruit. The goddamn best tasting fruit in the freakin world. How can so much flavour come from something so frog spawny. 

5. Getting pumped for festival season. Mc'lovin the edit done for Wilderness festival, check it here. 

6. Bldg25 remains one of my all time favourite blogs. Its made by the superb folks at Free People and gives me a chunk of inspiration and positive thoughts each and every day. This is one of my favourite posts this past week. Showing and sharing love every day. 

7. I'm a bit of a horoscope luva. No I don't follow them line for line but I do really like reading them and feeling a little guidance in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason so it's kind of a nice thought to think that something so magical and real like the solar system has a little plan for a little bean like me.  I always read mine on Bldg25. 

8. This beautifully embroiled tapestry from Urban Outfitters. U make my heart flutter. Look at it! 

9.  The new Lynx advert, genuinely love seeing adverts like this. All about loving yourself! Check it out.

10. I've got this obsession with street art at the moment, i think its since I went to Berlin (post on that coming soon) I just have this crazy new appreciation and fascination for it. Especially huge wall murals. I love love love colour and really think that when done right, these can bring a place to life. I've been following instagram accounts like @wall_of_street_art which supply my head daily with a few bursts of colour. Even the #wallmural has loads. Have a peek. 

Hope you all have a fab day!

See you all soon for some more special lists. 

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Travel Diaries: Amsterdam

In the Summer, some of my best gal friends planned a trip to Amsterdam as a little get away. Amsterdam is really easy place to visit from the UK and you can grab flights for less than £100 sometimes, which is always a bonus. I didn't really know what to expect as I've never visited before so I packed my bags with eagerness and excitement knowing that at least the company I was with would be mc'fabulous. Throughout the few days we spent there, I began to fall in love with the City, the cobbled streets, the huge windows, the tall slim houses and the flower beds draped alongside every canal. There's a relaxing vibe to Amsterdam, it all feels very authentic and eco with people using their bicycles to get from one place to another, I love that! We got lost and wandered the streets, laughing as we went. It was blissful, relaxing in my best friends company and feeling completely happy. Here are a few pictures from our little trip. 

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Boogying into January: A Playlist

Holaaaaaa chickaaaaas!


Long time no see, all my fault I know. I don't really have an explanation for what got in the way from posting other than... LIFE! I kept thinking throughout the past few months, 'oh I'll share that on the blog' but weirdly never really got round to doing it. Time out has been nice but I'm now ready and rearing to get my fingers a' typing and my head thinking! Time off has kicked me into cooking up loads of funky ideas to share with yewwwwwww!

To get the ball rolling, I thought I'd share with you a little playlist, full of tracks that I've been movin' and groovin' into the New Year with. 

Enjoy lil ladies n' gents!
Stay funky. 


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Smoothie Bowl: Morning Energy

Hello my loves,
How is everybody? Fantabulous I hope.

This morning I made an absolute goddess of a smoothie bowl, seriously this thing was fricken luscious so I thought I'd share it with you all. 


2 Bananas
1 handful of frozen mango
1 handful of oats
A dash of almond milk

I began by blending all of the above together until it was smooth and thick then poured this into a bowl. I made sure only to use a little bit of almond milk as I wanted it to be really thick, if you just fancy the above as a morning smoothie on its own then add a bit more milk. 

I topped the bowl with 2 passionfruit (my weakness), a handful of pumpkin seeds, a sprinkling of chia seeds and half a cup of granola. Then I just gobbled it up to my little hearts content and IT WAS AMAZING!

Try it for yourself and let me know what you thought!

Peace out

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10 things #2

Hey guys! I know that I said that my '10 things' post would be up on Sunday but some things came up and I couldn't get it posted, better late than never right? So without further ado, here are 10 things that I've found funky, interesting or just down right snazzy this past week. Enjoy!

1. How lovely are these Billabong pants! Going straight in my basket. 

2. I've been reading this blog non stop for the past few days. Check it out!

3. Loving this song at the moment, got a bit of a Nick Mulvey charm about it. You go Glen coco, I mean Roo Panes!

4. Is this the most delicious looking rug or is this the most delicious looking rug?!

5. Checking out The Selby all day everyday. 

6. I've been a bit of a sucker for fitness tumblrs recently, so good for morning motivation. To see some of my favourites click this, or even this!

7. Already dreading the winter weather? Check this out so see where the best place is to find some winter sun!

8. I've been pinning a lot of DIY ideas to make little things stand out in my room next year. Check it out here.

9. Silver Island yoga retreat looks absolutely heavenly, plans for next summer sorted? I think so too. Check it out here!

10. Spotted these little branded beauties in Holland & Barrett the other day and really wish I'd purchased some. So cute, really curious as to what they taste like...?

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